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PAX header format for ACLs

From: Jacob McIntosh (nacitar sevaht)
Subject: PAX header format for ACLs
Date: Wed, 4 Aug 2021 11:39:20 -0600

I've been looking into tar files that include ACLs.  Tar file entries that have ACLs store them within a pax header, and there are two fields within that header that I'm interested in:

My question is simple... in what format is the value of these fields?  I've searched around and I can't find this documented anywhere.  What I'm ultimately trying to do is convert that value into the same textual format you get from 'getfacl' so that I can subsequently provide that to a 'setfacl' call.  I've started looking into tar's source code to try to infer the format, but surely it is documented somewhere... right?

If anyone knows either the format of these fields or an existing way to convert them from the format they are in within the tarfile's pax header into the textual format of 'getfacl', please let me know.  I've searched pretty hard for this and have come up dry.

Jacob McIntosh

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