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[Help-tar] incremental (tar -g) doesn't parse old directories

From: Reza Roboubi
Subject: [Help-tar] incremental (tar -g) doesn't parse old directories
Date: Mon, 28 Dec 2015 15:34:40 -0800

Unfortunately, I don't remember the exact command I used.  Probably,

# tar -cf backup.tar -g backup.tar.list --no-check-device home/reza/

Now when doing another incremental level:

# tar -cf backup--2.tar -g backup.tar.list --no-check-device home/reza/

tar doesn't drill into directories whose modification date is old (even though the sub-trees contain new files.)

I cannot reproduce the problem on smaller test cases.

Is there something obvious I can do, or should I start over again?

System:  Ubuntu 14.04.

Thank you.

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