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Re: [Help-tar] [PATCH] Add --clamp-mtime option

From: Paul Eggert
Subject: Re: [Help-tar] [PATCH] Add --clamp-mtime option
Date: Tue, 09 Jun 2015 23:08:55 -0700
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Jakob Bohm wrote:

This is because the timestamp manipulation is typically limited to
files that are going to be packaged, not to build intermediary files
(such as .o files).

One solution is to update the timestamps of build intermediary files as well. Another is to save the time stamps of backdated files and to restore them after running 'tar'. Both of these should be easy to do.

And do remember that debian source packages are independent of any
source control systems (git, svn etc. etc.) that you may have been
using when you created the package.

Sure, but the point is that you have some way of recording time stamps of source files, and you want those recorded time stamps to be in the tarball. This is needed regardless of whether there's a --clamp-mtime option.

--clamp-mtime preserves the timestamp of files that are *not*
modified/created by the package build and should thus keep the
timestamp from the source package.

The method I'm proposing doesn't use --mtime and so doesn't need --clamp-mtime.

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