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Re: [Help-tar] mode/mod time differs issues with tar verify

From: toby
Subject: Re: [Help-tar] mode/mod time differs issues with tar verify
Date: Tue, 01 Apr 2014 14:13:11 +0100
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Ignore this, it was only failing when run from a cron job and it was running an old version of tar by accident due to having two versions of tar on the system.

thanks anyway.

Quoting address@hidden:


I have a backup script which backups my system to a LTO tape drive, it has been running fine for years, on ugprading to Centos 6.5 (tar 1.26) I am now getting errors when verifiying.

tar command is :

tar --label="$backuplabel" -cvWf /dev/nst0 $directorieslist

There errors are mainly :

Mode differs
Mod time differs

but also quite a few :

Uid differs

The backup is done on a static directory (it has been rsynced from the main working system) so the mod/mod times etc wont change between writing and verify.

Any ideas what could be causing this or a way to debug how the mode/mod times/uids are different?

I have tested on three different versions of tar (1.20, 1.26 and latest 1.27) all with the same issue.


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