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[Help-tar] Re: Tar - incremental backups and dumpdir

From: Piotr Szlązak
Subject: [Help-tar] Re: Tar - incremental backups and dumpdir
Date: Sun, 3 Feb 2008 17:47:13 +0100

On Jan 21, 2008 11:19 PM, Piotr Szlązak <address@hidden> wrote:
> Does anybody knows what I'm doing wrong? Is there a problem in
> archiving or in restoring?

Thanks to Sergey Poznyakoff I know where was my mistake.

Tar incremental backup works for directories. My command:

#tar -c -z --listed-incremental=archive.0.snar \
 -f archive.0.tgz crucial_data/*

was interpreted by shell as archiving of the files from crucial_data
directory (it was my test directory without subdirectories). That's
why informations about changes in this directory weren't stored in the
archive file.

If you want to use tar incremental backups you have to archive
directories. In my case:

#tar -c -z --listed-incremental=archive.0.snar \
 -f archive.0.tgz crucial_data


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