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[Help-tar] Tar - incremental backups and dumpdir

From: Piotr Szlązak
Subject: [Help-tar] Tar - incremental backups and dumpdir
Date: Mon, 21 Jan 2008 23:19:54 +0100

I've got problem with tar incremental backups.

I'm making full backup every week:
#tar -c -z --listed-incremental=archive.0.snar -f archive.0.tgz

And every day between full backups I'm making incremental backups.
Every incremental backup is based on full backup:
#cp archive.0.snar archive.1.snar
#tar  -c -z --listed-incremental=archive.1.snar -f archive.1.tgz

Everything works great. In case on emergency I've to extract full
backup and the newest incremental backup.

But there is a little problem. I've read in tar manual that
incremental archive should contain information about deleted or
renamed files. Everything should be in Dumdir section:

But when I extract my archive I'm getting all files, even those

#tar -x -z --listed-incremental=/dev/null -f archive.0.tgz
#tar -x -z --listed-incremental=/dev/null -f archive.n.tgz

I cannot also list my archive as it is described in manual:
That means a list with dumpdir information about every file in the

Does anybody knows what I'm doing wrong? Is there a problem in
archiving or in restoring?

I'm using tar in 1.19 version and gnu internal archive format.

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