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[Help-tar] Changing the tar build process

From: Rasmus Storjohann
Subject: [Help-tar] Changing the tar build process
Date: Thu, 01 Nov 2007 14:00:09 -0700
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I'm making a modified version of tar. I have added the following files:


as well as modifying existing tar source files. foo.h is #included in src/create.c and src/bar.c, and bar.h is #included in src/create.c as well.

What I would like is: lib/foo.c should be compiled into lib/foo.o; lib/foo.o should be included in lib/libtar.a; src/bar.c should be compiled into src/bar.o; src/bar.o should be included in the linking step to create src/tar.

I can do this manually and I get a working tar binary, but how can I get the tar build system to do this? I've tried to play with, lib/ and src/ but my additional files are ignored.

Also, how to I get the build system to include an additional library -lbaz in the step to link src/tar.

It would seem to me that these changes should not be terribly complicated to implement, but I'm stuck. Any pointers are appreciated.


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