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[Help-tar] need help with tar --info-script (using Linux, bash shell)

From: Matt & Kathy Carpenter
Subject: [Help-tar] need help with tar --info-script (using Linux, bash shell)
Date: Fri, 02 Jun 2006 17:16:00 -0400
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I'm working on creating a routine backup scheme and am having a problem with creating a multi-volume backup with GNU tar 1.15 included with the Ubuntu 6.06 Linux distro.

First I'd like to start with just using tar to create a full backup.

My destination device is either an external USB connected hard disk, or a samba file share. The destination file system is FAT (2G limit!). My goal is to do a full backup of the file system in 2G tarballs, with a sequential number as part of the filename.

I run the following command as root:

tar -c -v -p -M -L 2097152 -f '/media/usbdisk/fullbackup' -X '/media/usbdisk/backup.exclude' --info-script='/media/usbdisk/backup.nextvol' /

I'm having a problem getting the --info-script. It successfully launches the script, but I have no idea how to communicate between tar and the script. The documentation ( shows a sh script example, but I'm using the bash shell.

Unfortunately, the example doesn't work in bash - the "file descriptor 3 (>&3)" seems to be invalid, and I don't see the tar environment variables. I've created a dummy script that lists out the environment variables (a "set" command) and there do not appear any TAR_* environment variables.

I'm not yet a bash/tar/*nix guru, so that could be the problem. Is anyone out there smart enough to solve the problem?

Thanks, Matt

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