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[Help-tar] Stream to a tape drive in Tar format.

From: Arnaud BARIER
Subject: [Help-tar] Stream to a tape drive in Tar format.
Date: Tue, 28 Mar 2006 14:49:48 +0200

Hello all,

Here is an issue I have in one of my software ... I hope someone can help me ;-)

My software is writing a stream of data on a tape drive in Tar format, but as I don't know, before the end of transfer, the resulting file size, the file size I
am writing in the tar header is a fake one (the largest possible).
So when I am retriving the tar file from tape, tar returns a warning like « unexpected EOF » and the file retrieved has not the same size than the original one (and ends
with a lot of 0x00).

I would like to find a solution to retrieve exactly the same file than the original one (in size) and keep compatibility with Gnu Tar format. I was expecting that it was possible to put a header at the end of the file, but it doen't seem to be the case.

Any idea ???

Thanks, and best regards, Arnaud.

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