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Re: [Help-stow] Hints for easier installation of packages not capable of

From: Gaël Roualland
Subject: Re: [Help-stow] Hints for easier installation of packages not capable of havingdifferent install-time and run-time directories
Date: Thu, 15 May 2003 09:03:25 +0200

Bodo Thiesen a écrit :
> Hi.
> After reading the manual, I thought (please don't be offended) are they all 
> stupid? Why doing a "make -n install" and changing the output to reflect the 
> correct install path? I wondered, that you didn't found a more complicated or 
> more time consumptive way.
> Ok, now, I will tell you my idea:
> [using a full featured chroot]

To me, this is a lot more complicated and time consumptive than just
checking if the package supports changing prefix or DESTDIR ... at
install time.

> BUGS: chroot only works for root.

Yes, and how do you handle the fact that all apps have the same install
prefix ?

You need to have everything needed to build the package in it, including
other dependencies you built yourself that were installed in the
required prefix, so after the install you will have new files for your
package mixed with old ones (and stow in the chrot doesn't help since
make install usually follows symlinks ;). 

Granted, you can keep a list of the files before install, diff it, and
move the new files out in a dedicated directory structure... but it gets
complicated :)


Gaël Roualland -+- address@hidden

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