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How to get started with eSNACC cpp and CSTA II

From: Angus Comber
Subject: How to get started with eSNACC cpp and CSTA II
Date: Wed, 27 Dec 2006 17:20:31 -0000


I have created cpp files using eSNACC v1.6 and the asn.1 from a CSTA II
spec.  I have managed to compile and link the generated c++ files but now
how do I get started.

I want to write code to talk CSTA II to a toshiba PBX.  I can set the PBX to
output CSTA II to an IP address.  ie my server.  But how do I start?

Anyone got any example code?

Also when I compiled from the asn1 spec I chose the -d decode option.  I
assumed this meant I could decode CSTA II data?  But thinking about it I
also want to be able to send commands to the PBX - eg dial a number.  Will I
then need to use encode functions?

Hopelessly confused

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