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Using eSNACC with CSTA II

From: Angus Comber
Subject: Using eSNACC with CSTA II
Date: Sat, 23 Dec 2006 16:23:53 -0000


I am new to all this and will be working with CSTA II on a Toshiba PBX.
Toshiba have not supplied an ASN.1 specification but apparently they use
CSTA II.  Does this mean all I need do is get the ASN.1 spec for CSTA and
use that.

For example, I downloaded from the file Ecma-285-asn.txt  readme
say about this file:

This file, derived from ECMA-285, 2nd edition, contains the ASN.1 source
file that can be used with many industry compilers.

Also this is for CSTA III - should that be OK.  Couldn't find equivalent
file for CSTA II.

In addition, there are other files:

- acse_user_info_csta2.txt - This file specifies the "CSTAFunctionality"
parameter type that is defined in ECMA-218 (CSTA Phase II Protocol). It
needs be
compiled with the above file (See clause 8.2.2 in ECMA-285).

- rose94.txt - This file specifies the Remote Operations ASN.1 definitions.
may be required by come compilers that do not provide the Remote Operations
definitions automatically.

Do I need these?

Do I simply compile the Ecma-285-asn.txt file using esnacc and opt to
generate C++ files?  Is it as simple as that?  If not can someone point me
in the right direction?


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