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Help: undefined reference

From: Mimmo Di Ianni
Subject: Help: undefined reference
Date: Fri, 22 Apr 2005 17:19:26 +0200

I have given in input to snacc  a file (ldap.asn1) which contain LDAP
definitions and it has generate ldap.c and ldap.h correctly. If i try
to compile ldap.c (gcc -I/usr/local/snacc-1.3/
-I/usr/local/snacc-1.3/c-lib/inc/  -I/usr/local/snacc-1.3/c-lib/
-DUSE_SBUF ldap.c) I have a lot of undefined reference errors like
"In function `BEncBindRequestChoiceContent':: undefined reference to
Someone can help me to resolve this problem?
In attachments there are ldap.asn1 and error.txt(which contains gcc errors).

Thanks in advance.

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