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Discrepancies in reading strings (ASNOcts)

From: Farooq Mulla
Subject: Discrepancies in reading strings (ASNOcts)
Date: 26 Nov 2002 08:38:00 -0000

--- Begin Message --- Subject: Discrepancies in reading strings (ASNOcts)
Hi ,
I am relatively new to SNACC (& ASN.1 in general) plzz bear with me.

In my application i decode & read a ASN encoded file ...which contains a list of records ....this record contains a field (say employeeNo)having fixed length = 16 of type ASNOcts.

my problem is this :
in more then half the records employeeNo is read correctly i.e the full length of 16 is read ...i have confirmed this with the octetLen being 16 wheras in other records ,employeeNo reads only a part of the string i.e the length comes out around 8 or 10 (i.e the octetLen is 8/10) & hence the string comes out as incorrect.

I have made an appln using the ASN1C compiler generated C encoders & decoders ...where on reading the same file I get proper desired results
which means that the input file is not wrong.

but i need to make this thing work with SNACC ...can ne1 give me a lead as to why this problem occurs or where i m going wrong ....
ne help on the same will be appreciated.....

thanx in advance & plzz bear with my questions


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