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How to decode BER encoded files

From: Sergio Da Silva
Subject: How to decode BER encoded files
Date: Fri, 28 Dec 2001 13:58:57 +0100


I am just starting in the world of ASN.1 and am trying to figure out how

to go about decoding a file that was "encoded using Basic Encoding Rules

as specified within ITU Rec. X.690 or ITU Rec. X.209".

I have little knowledge of ASN.1 and basic knowledge of programming
languages such as C, Perl and Java.

1) Are there any specific tools that can solve this problem, if possible

free (as in speech) ones?

2) As I have understood so far, tools like snacc provide ways to decode
the above mentioned files: does there exist a tutorial or a howto about
doing this.

3) More questions will rise as time goes by ...

For now I will greatly appreciate any feedback on the subject that will
help me getting started.

Best wishes, Sergio da Silva.

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