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Problems installing

From: Poza, Fernando
Subject: Problems installing
Date: Tue, 17 Apr 2001 18:18:19 +0100

Hi all.

I've just downloaded snacc 1.3 (again), after 'configure', 'make' process
misses a file called dependencies. Looking into the makefile, you can see
that if the file doesn't exists, it touches it. I've done that manually, but
then the error is in maketail, becouse dependencies is included, and it
looks like the makefile expects something into dependencies.

Looking into a different machine where snacc is succesfully installed, the
depenedencies file exists and it's full of dependencies.

I've copied all the dependencies files in the correspondant directories but
the next error comes up

prompt> make
cd compiler && make
Make: ../maketail: Must be a separator on line 53. Stop.
*** Exit 1

Well, what is lost in the tar file downloaded, to screw up all the

Thanks in advance 

Fernando Poza Saura
COMPAQ España. 
Division de Servicios Profesionales
Cerro del Castañar, 72. Mirasierra
TLF: 915834221 (fijo)
     646078687 (móvil)

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