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[Help-snacc] SNACC and COPS-PR

From: Michael Atkinson
Subject: [Help-snacc] SNACC and COPS-PR
Date: Tue, 22 Aug 2000 14:30:23 +0100


the help-snacc Archives link seems to be broken.

Our group at Nortel Networks is getting into COPS-PR in a
big way for a demonstration system of potential next generation
network architectures. We completed the last phase of the
demonstration by a mixture of hand assembly and using a demo
version of the ASN1C comercial tool. This does not handle the
specific macros for COPS-PR and so quite a lot of boring
labour intensive hand editing of the asn.1 files was needed
to get it working.

The next stage of the demonstrator requires about 2-3 times as
much asn.1 to be compiled so we are looking to automate the

As one option we may be able to provide moderate amounts of manpower
for enhancements to SNACC, basically feeding back COPS-PR
specific changes. What we don't want to do is take over as the
maintainer of SNACC, there seems like too much work there to
make it worthwhile.

So my questions are:

Is SNACC being actively maintained?
Who is doing the maintaining? Andreas Ames?
Is there a CVS archive?

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