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GNU Smalltalk test suite failure with lightning 2.2.2

From: Andy Tai
Subject: GNU Smalltalk test suite failure with lightning 2.2.2
Date: Tue, 23 May 2023 12:02:11 -0700

Hi, this is regarding GNU Smalltalk test suite failure when building
with GNU Lightning at 2.2.2

Context: I was trying to upgrade lightning package in GNU Guix to 2.2.2.

GNU Guix is a source based GNU/Linux distribution so the way it works
is that it runs the test suites of packages included in it as part of
process ofm upgrading package receipts.   In the build check it was
discovered that GNU Smalltalk will fail in test suites when using lightning
version 2.2.2.  (Also the same with GNU Lightning
2.2.1, 2.2.0 and 2.1.4 )
This is on x86-64 on GNU Guix 1.4,, with up to date GNU libc and Linu8x kernel.

key parts of log:

Basic packages.

 44: SUnit                                           ok
 45: Parser                                          ok

ANSI compliancy tests.

 46: ArrayANSITest                                   FAILED (
 47: ArrayFactoryANSITest                            FAILED (
 48: BagANSITest                                     FAILED (
 49: BagFactoryANSITest                              FAILED (
 50: BooleanANSITest                                 FAILED (
 51: ByteArrayANSITest                               FAILED (
 52: ByteArrayFactoryANSITest                        FAILED (

  complete build log (gzipped) as attachment

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