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[help-serveez] Stop being obese and unhappy

From: Joan Andrews
Subject: [help-serveez] Stop being obese and unhappy
Date: Thu, 3 May 2007 10:39:01 -0100

Anatrim – The latest and most exciting product for corpulent people is made available now – As could be seen on BBC
Did you know that excessive body kilos kill very much people for every new year? We know you hate the unsightly appearance of people like those and the social stigmata attached to them. Moreover, you can’t resist a siege of your baneful eating habits. Does it all sound familiar? Then we have something for you!

We are proudly introduce you Anatrim, the new product for the elimination of your body’s extra weight. The greatest thing about Anatrim is it raises the quality of your life, repressing your feeling of hunger and giving you joyful spirit. Pay you attention to what people write to us about this product:

"It’s outstanding! Instead of watching TV and stuffing myself with food I became keen on taking exercise. Anatrim made me stride on confidently. I am more fit now and lots of men devour me with their eyes!"

Silvia D., Boston

"I tried some passive weight losing, you know, but almost with no result. I could not restrain my ravenous appetite. Once I heard on Anatrim in the media advertisement and I was really effected by the information. I had attempted taking it, and my wife said to me I’m not more a weighty man now, 5 months later. 26 pounds have gone away and I continue to become slimmer! And you know, I’m a passionate lover again."

Rikky Martin, San Diego

Anatrim gives you an opportunity to understand you don't need that much food. It raises your spirit, supplies you with extra energy, and attacks useless kilos. Great thanks to its mighty newly-elaborated formula!!
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