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[help-serveez] squander carnivorous

From: Nicholas Woodward
Subject: [help-serveez] squander carnivorous
Date: Thu, 31 Aug 2006 13:53:11 +0530

Is THAT whats been worrying you allthis time?
No English editor ever writes letterslike that.
Gordon mightnt care for Modiglianis, heeuphemistically said.
Shelooked much younger naked than with her clothes on. Youll find it in Lempriere, he said obscurely.
Their knees weretouching under the small table; momentarily she squeezed his kneebetween her own.
We might sit down for a bit if we canfind a place. Gordon mightnt care for Modiglianis, heeuphemistically said. All the wines lookedimpossibly expensive.
You anticipated my thoughts, said Gordon, climbing out.
People in the carriage eyed them, wonderingwhat they had quarrelled about.
She had dressed herself in a very few moments. He thoughtwith perfect confidence of London Pleasures now. The beef and salad were corpse-cold and did not seem like real foodat all. It is hateful to have to borrow money off someone you have just beenquarrelling with. His dress clothes were excellently cut andyet unclean-looking, as though he seldom took them off.
You dont think I go in for that kind of thing, do you?
Notopulent, merely, but reassured, revivified, reborn.
He had only expected ten pounds for fiftydollars.
He fell back from her,dismayed, hurriedly rearranging his clothes.
The taxi bore him westward through the darkling streets.
In a verylittle while he would have to confess it.
As well have the explanationnow as later.
Not that you were expectedto dress at Modiglianis.
I had just enough money for today, but that beastly hotelbill upset everything. He wound her arm in his and started down the road.
But howare you going to get home yourself? I hate to think of you walking all that way.
Thetrain was full of tired hikers in khaki shorts. They leaned matily on the brass-edged bar, elbow to elbow, lightingtwo of the taximans cigarettes. She had dressed herself in a very few moments.
But presently the sun went in, the roomgrew grey again, and they realized that it was time to go. And could you manage one yourself, do you think?

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