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[help-serveez] intently

From: Louise Slater
Subject: [help-serveez] intently
Date: Wed, 30 Aug 2006 20:33:29 -0300

At any rate, theyre interestin, murmured Vance. Then Vance,who had been watching Jessup closely during the interview, spoke. They didnt hear me,because the portieres were drawn. Markham and Vance and I went out and entered the car. So I tried the side door to see ifit was open.
But, consider, protested Vance banteringly. Heath straightway assumed the role of inquisitor. There was silence in the apartment for several minutes. It seems theonly logical way left, according to your own findings.
Pon my word, Markham, he rejoined evenly, Im half inclined tolook into this silly murder. At length he looked up and nodded to the waiting attendant.
He calls for her a little after seven, andthey go out together.
Then he tossed me half a dollar andwent out.
He turned to Heath, and spokewith forced cheeriness.
That would be fine, sir, ifsomething else hadnt happened around here last night.
Maybe a quarter past, the janitor amended, with Germanicprecision.
His jawwas clamped tight, and he shifted his eyes from one to the other ofus suspiciously.
Pon my word, Markham, he rejoined evenly, Im half inclined tolook into this silly murder.
Did you leave theswitchboard often, or for long? There was a note of disappointmentin Markhams voice. Jessup hesitated and frowned reflectively.
For the first time since entering the room the man appeared ill atease.
Heath, who was now staring with meditative pugnacity into thecloset, shook his head helplessly. Ive got pressing work at the office, he said, and all this talkisnt getting us anywhere. But whats bothering me is how hegot in here.
Thats how I had it figured out, sir, returned Heath. Moreover, you, Sergeant, found it bolted this morning.
The day man and myselfalternate in long and short shifts.
The man nodded his head affirmatively severaltimes. The initial revolution will take place outsideof this office. But waittill you hear what the phone operator has to say.

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