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[help-serveez] cleanly carcass

From: Arnold Berg
Subject: [help-serveez] cleanly carcass
Date: Mon, 21 Aug 2006 20:16:32 +0100

It interested him, this cyclone of new excitements. She cried; she clung; she sobbed, Oh, I didnt realize how muchIll miss you! He brought her a cup of punch,bowing like Louis XIV.
He took in Frans shining hair, herfreshness, her slim quickness. She talked about herself constantly, andnever told anything whatever about herself.
There were massed about the table, screaming, some thirty people.
Well be glad to, said Fran, to Sams considerable discouragement.
Yet she looked pleasedwhen Jerry piped:Have you met Endicott Everett Atkins?
Anyway, she couldnt really have meant anything by her if weregoing on together.
Andyour charming remark illustrates perfectly what I mean by yoursneering!
As it HAPPENS, the Duchesse is ill, just at the moment!
Have you tried the rognons de la maison at Emils?
Beautiful people like you are superior tobooks. Yes, theyrenot at all like American business men, are they! Believe me, theyre remodeling all the oldparts of Heaven after New York skyscrapers! She was so brightlyforgiving and superior that he was infuriated. In fact, Sam had been led to hateJerry with considerable heartiness. He believed her when she insisted that she considered Gioserro amere boy.
I just cant make love except by a northlight! Secretly, a little guiltily, he reflected, Ive done Notre Dameright, with Fran.

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