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[help-serveez] foreclose chastise

From: Susan Jones
Subject: [help-serveez] foreclose chastise
Date: Tue, 8 Aug 2006 08:44:55 -0500

Red whooped andhobbled after him, evidently to inform Beryl. Sterl, Leslie, if it wasnt for youboth, an a hellbent somethin, Id walk right in this heah river! Ormiston means toget more cattle by hook or crook and then shake us. Slyter came stamping from the direction of his wagon. He went on his way,deeply disturbed by the encounter. Tip off your mother an dad to rustle over heah pronto, whispered Redto Leslie. Couldnt we jest be happybut for thet bastard? His ice-blue eyes glinted as he faced Sterl. The black had said that once before, months back. They went stark naked except for a breechcloth of wovengrass or hair. Friday appeared stalking under the gum trees. He is as fascinated by yourbeauty as that redheaded churn of his. Across the river lights flashed at Ormistonscamp. The several hundred blacks had congregated ina grove at the lower end of the long waterhole. I have come to have a personal regard foryou. But he wasglad that the cowboy had spoken out. Slyter, you all cant fail to seewhat your wilderness outback has done, to your precious offspring. When Sterl asked Friday what he had told Dannand Slyter the black replied:Plenty black fella good. I would notpresume to have you deny your creed, your honor. But I hope our friend Ormiston runs true to type, and getsspeared, muttered Sterl, half to himself. Im sorry, boss, but you gotta take them jest the same. He made his own weapons, very few innumber, and these he carried. But nothing could savethem from the heat. Then he turned to the never failing black,who was always there when wanted. But the bearable hours always renewed interest in things of the momentand hope for the future. A call to supper disrupted this conversation. But I hope our friend Ormiston runs true to type, and getsspeared, muttered Sterl, half to himself. Leslie, you shall not outdo me in thanks, she cried, with spirit. An by Gawd, someday youllgo on your knees to me for thet! I am gladsomebody remembered me on Christmas Day! All of thetrekking party were present except Ormistons drovers and several ofDanns. The bases closed the gaps between and turned to inky black. Sterl made use ofthis time, often with Leslie or Friday. Hathaway came down with some kind of a fever which neither Ormistonnor Dann could alleviate. Sterland Red waded into the river a dozen times without bothering to removetheir garments.

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