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[help-serveez] providence

From: Alfred Barrera
Subject: [help-serveez] providence
Date: Sat, 5 Aug 2006 19:35:38 +0300

She would NEVER go back to Aunt Ruths that was certain. Oh, I suppose my grandmothers wouldnt have done it! I can do itagain and it wont be any harder than bumping over those awfulroads behind the grey mare. Through wisdom is an house builded, and by understanding is itestablished. Of course they have to have something to fill up thecorners. I am going to take mypart in the play to-night, Aunt Ruth. Some vague glimmering of this made Emilyrefuse the doughnut. I didnt make anyanswer to Aunt Ruth, so she started on another tack. Emily, with a sigh of surrender, took her feet off the stove andmoved over to the table. If you mean that she wears a purple silk petticoat, Emly, say soin plain English. I HATE her, cried Emily, still grasping after self-justification. Then how are you going to get back to Shrewsbury? It seems to me impossible that I shall either grow old or die. I mightforgive her the cutting things but never the laugh. Then how are you going to get back to Shrewsbury? Better a play ruined than a soul ruined, retorted Aunt Ruth. Then she wont beable to twit me with the expense I am to her. Consequently this is blue Monday and Im homesick. Emily favoured Aunt Ruth with a sample of the Murray look. Sly as Ive always known you to be Iwouldnt have believed you could be as sly as this. There is EVERY difference, said Aunt Ruth. Why, the Shrewsbury Times referred to it last week. Emily slipped from her peak of tragedy to the valley of petulance. We allseemed to be able to think of wittier things to say. Had itbeen three times seven she would have started just the same. My story is all dog-eared and smells of tobacco. The discovery of beautiful and interesting words always gives mejoy. I dont know where you get your low tastes from, said Aunt Ruth. Cousin Jimmy seized the cold hands Emily held out to him. Heaps of it, he addedmeditatively between bites. But I had to keep a grave face and explain to AuntRuth. I slippedout with needle, thread and buttons and sewed them on. Aunt Ruth wouldnt look at the May-flowers. The wind came across it in sudden, moaninggusts.

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