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[help-serveez] reelect

From: Cyrus Yarbrough
Subject: [help-serveez] reelect
Date: Wed, 2 Aug 2006 08:14:19 -0700

You cant get his help, but you may get something more. At any rate bits of that strange scene began tocome back. An odd but rather impressive figure wasDr. First, I said, it may interest you to learn that Medina dabblesin hypnotism. Butit couldnt be done at once with a fellow of your antecedents, sothey organised a process. Imade my breath come slowly and softly, and let my body relax intoimpassivity. He wore apince-nez, and when he removed it showed pale prominent blue eyes. Had he been making me the subject of some scientific experiment? The movement demanded agreat effort, for every muscle in my body seemed drugged withlethargy. My freedom was now complete, for I had begun to laugh, silently,far down at the bottom of my heart. That nobleman rubbed his shoulder ruefully. I interviewed the night porter, for I thought he might havesomething to tell me. I wondered at Medinas choice, for a pug isnot the kind of servant I would choose myself. With a desperate effort I seemed to make outthe line of a mans shoulder and the back of a chair. But to-night I felt differentlytowards them. You may be sure he knows all about your record. I felt my couch slide backwards, and heardthe folding doors open again and close. The head seemed to swim in the centre of pale converging lines. The idea was nonsense; in any case a drugged man does not have aclean tongue the next morning. Ive a lot of stuff, books and pictures and things, and I like itround me. The more I thought of it the angrier Igrew. His manner was soperemptory that I opened my eyes. Well, youre pretty well alone in your opinion. I concluded that I must have gotsome infernal germ, probably botulism, and was in for a badillness. Newhover at first sight seemed nothing out of the common. It was not his eyes or any one feature thatenthralled me, for I did not notice any details. Now go ahead and tell me about the chirurgeon. They suggested to you in your trance adoctors name, and the next stage was his business. I went on repeating the stuff as glibly as aparrot, but all the while I knew I lied. Iremembered that I had been drowsy there and thought that I hadprobably bored him. His manner was soperemptory that I opened my eyes. I feeldrowsy and slack, and Ive got a weakness in my legs and back likea man who has just had flu. But Norway is not possible till May, andin the meantime I am going to order you specific treatment. Hypnotism had been tried on me,and it had failed. Iremembered that I had been drowsy there and thought that I hadprobably bored him. Thedoctor had been right who had compared me with Table Mountain. Hewas positive, for he knew my ways and had been surprised to find mypipe so untidily pocketed. I continued my story, and at the Wimpole Street episode Sandylaughed long and loud. I felt her light firm fingers playing about my temples and thebase of my skull and my neck muscles.

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