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Backslash at the end of the attribute value

From: František Kučera
Subject: Backslash at the end of the attribute value
Date: Sun, 26 Feb 2023 14:26:56 +0100
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I am writing a Recfile parser/generator and I am currently stuck at the correct syntax of the \ character at the end of attribute values.

According to the <> documentation, the \ at the end of the line says, that the value continues on next (physical) line without any (logical) line-end.

In most cases this simple rule works well. But what if the value ends with \ character? How can I say that this \ is not a line continuation but part of the value? If we have for example this CSV:

    $ echo -e 'a,b\na\\,b\nA,B'

How it should be serialized in Recfile? Running it through csv2rec and recsel unfortunately does not give an answer:

    $ echo -e 'a,b\na\\,b\nA,B' | csv2rec | recsel
    a: ab: b
    a: A
    b: B

I can add a space after the \ which avoids the main problem, but it also changes the value ("a\" vs. "a\ ").


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