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[help-recutils] Relational pipes and GNU Recutils

From: František Kučera
Subject: [help-recutils] Relational pipes and GNU Recutils
Date: Mon, 8 Apr 2019 17:57:54 +0200
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I am the author of Relational pipes <> and in the latest development version v0.11 <> I have added support for input and output in the recfile format. So our tools should be compatible now :-) (I hope; there might be bugs of course). I would appreciate any feedback, bug reports, ideas etc.

What might be interesting from Recutils users perspective:

1) relpipe-in-filesystem a tool that reads filesystem metadata (like names, paths, sizes, extended attributes), so you can do e.g.

find /etc/ssh/ -print0 | relpipe-in-filesystem | relpipe-out-recfile | recsel -e 'size > 390 && size < 1500'

or build some logic on the structure of your files and directories (filesystem itself can be seen as a database).

2) Convert even complex XML files to the recfile format. There is an example how to read an Atom feed: <>

3) Convert data from big relational databases to the recfile format. Example is here: <>

4) Use relpipe-out-nullbyte as a safe way how to pass structured data to a shell script.

5) relpipe-out-tabular for printing tables in the terminal

6) relpipe-out-ods for output in LibreOffice Calc format (unlike CSV it supports multiple relations / record types)


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