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How to list all RCS branches/trunks? (a.k.a. `git branch -l` for RCS)

From: Nutchanon Wetchasit
Subject: How to list all RCS branches/trunks? (a.k.a. `git branch -l` for RCS)
Date: Tue, 27 Aug 2019 17:20:29 +0700


I have recently started experimenting on using GNU RCS (5.8.1) for several of
my less-significant single-file private projects; to reduce management hassle
from (mis)using Git to version them.

Currently, one of my RCS files looks like this:

> 1
> 1.1 <- 1.2 <- 1.3 <- ... <- 1.66
>  \
>   +-> 1.1.1
> <- <- <- ... <-

As I frequently jump between branches (in this case: between trunk and 1.1.1.
branch); I would like to quickly list all of the trunk and branch numbers
available in that RCS file (and optionally, their associated symbolic names).

What I'm looking for is something in RCS that is functionally analogous to
`git branch -l` command in Git.

But I couldn't find any switch on `rlog` to do this [1], even in the
HTML manual of latest RCS version, or on this mailing list so far.

Does GNU RCS have any command (or switch) for this?
If it does, someone please point me to it.

But if it doesn't; is this function desirable for being included in GNU RCS,
should someone contribute the implementation?

Nutchanon Wetchasit


[1] Currently, I'm working around by proactively assigning symbolic name
to every trunks and branches as soon as I create them; so that they always
distinctly show up in the "symbolic names:" section of `rlog -h` output.

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