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Syntax for Pairs of Working and RCS Files

From: Jerry Griep
Subject: Syntax for Pairs of Working and RCS Files
Date: Mon, 4 Jun 2018 19:06:31 +0100

In the documentation, it states: "pairs of RCS and working files can be specified in three ways: (a) both are given, (b) only the working file is given, (c) only the RCS file is given".

Given that my working file (foo.txt) is in: C:\my_dir
and the repository is at network volume: \\my_server\my_stuff\c\my_dir
and the RCS file is named foo.txt,v

What is the syntax for a check in?

ci -l c:\my_dir\foo.txt  \\my_server\my_stuff\c\my_dir\foo.txt,v
ci -l \\my_server\my_stuff\c\my_dir\foo.txt,v
ci -l \\my_server\my_stuff\c\my_dir\foo.txt,v  c:\my_dir\foo.txt

None of these work (given that I am currently in C:\my_dir).  RCS complains that it can't find the file(s).

If I create C:\my_dir\RCS, rcs commands work with this structure.  So I know that rcs is installed, and working properly.

Back story:  I used to use CS-RCS as a GUI for version control.  CS-RCS uses RCS commands, from what I understand.  Component Software no longer exists, and the software no longer works on modern Windows OS.  I would like to use RCS so I maintain the history I now have in my network volume repository.

Jerry Griep

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