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Windows 7 file locking questions

From: Clint Jensen
Subject: Windows 7 file locking questions
Date: Wed, 9 Apr 2014 17:14:56 -0400



I have installed the binaries for RCS 5.7 and was experimenting with it.  I have used RCS before on various Unix variants with much success.


We have multiple users with Windows 7 workstations who update code that is stored on network drives connected to Windows 7 servers.


When I initially check in code, it looks like it requires a RCS subdirectory instead of just using a ,v file in the current directory.  Is that a bug or am I doing something wrong, or just the way it is?  No real big deal either way.


However, if I check stuff in, then check it out,  the file is made writeable and any other person can then change it. I would think that the modify permissions for the file checked out with lock would be set so that only the person who checked it out could modify it.  Every user has a unique set of credentials. Is that a bug or something that I am doing wrong.


Thanks for any tips.

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