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Re: Cross Compiling RCS

From: Derek McEachern
Subject: Re: Cross Compiling RCS
Date: Tue, 4 Jun 2013 10:51:29 -0500

The configure and compile worked just fine.

The only problem I still have is that it is doing the check for the sane diff.

The situation I have is that I needed to cross compile diff utils to bundle with rcs and I plan on running diff utils and rcs out of /opt/rcs.
./configure --prefix=/opt/rcs --host=i386-pc-solaris2.10

I have set the environment variables DIFF and DIFF3 and when it checks DIFF it turns out it doesn't work because /opt/rcs/bin/diff is a solaris binary on a windows machine. It then finds /usr/bin/diff and it's sane so it uses this.

However, on the target platform /usr/bin/diff is not gnu diff, it's Solaris diff so it doesn't work as expected.

configure:4364: checking if /opt/rcs/bin/diff works like GNU diff
configure:4383: result: no
configure:4398: checking if gdiff works like GNU diff
configure:4417: result: no
configure:4431: checking if rdiff works like GNU diff
configure:4450: result: no
configure:4464: checking if diff works like GNU diff
configure:4483: result: yes
configure:4501: checking for diff
configure:4519: found /usr/bin/diff
configure:4532: result: /usr/bin/diff
configure:4558: checking diff success status
configure:4568: result: 0
configure:4577: checking diff failure status
configure:4587: result: 1
configure:4596: checking diff trouble status
configure:4606: result: 2
configure:4617: checking diff options for RCS
configure:4633: result: -an
configure:4642: checking if diff understands --label
configure:4668: result: yes

I originally worked around this problem by modifying so that in the case of a cross compile, if DIFF and DIFF2 environment variables were set, assume that the user knows what they are doing.

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