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Re: windows 7

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: windows 7
Date: Mon, 22 Apr 2013 11:07:16 -0600
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Dezhi Fan wrote:
> We installed RCS on a windows XP machine, and developers used
> windows XP can return files through local network.

The GNU Project doesn't make finished compiled executables of rcs
available for Windows systems.  Therefore you must have gotten your
program from some other location.

Very typically the best recommendation is either mingw or cygwin.  Did
you perhaps get rcs from cygwin?  If so then talking with them is best
since they understand Windows and are producing executables for it.

Info about their mailing lists: 

I suggest contacting them for help.

> But now some developers use windows 7, and they can not return files
> anymore. The error message

Sorry but most of us are not very familiar with Windows because we
generally run the GNU Operating System here.  You can learn more about
the GNU Operating System here:

> Is “ci error: RCS file RCS/sccopy.c,v is in use”, and the revision
> file is not used for sure.
> How can we fix the problem?

I imagine from that error message that the file is actually in use or
it would not have been reported.  There is probably some process that
is still hanging onto it.

If I were going to hack around it I would expect that moving the file
would cause the attached process to follow the moved file.  Therefore
I would move it out if the way and then copy it back.  The copy would
not be in use.

  mv RCS/sccopy.c,v RCS/sccopy.c,v.inuse
  cp RCS/sccopy.c,v.inuse RCS/sccopy.c,v

But as I said I do not use Windows and so that is only a blunt guess.

Good luck!

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