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Feature request (with patch)

From: Martin Burnicki
Subject: Feature request (with patch)
Date: Tue, 28 Aug 2012 13:17:06 +0200
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Hello folks,

I'm new to this mailing list since we just started to use GNU rcs in the company I'm working for (Meinberg Funkuhren in Germany).

We have been using a proprietary revision control system here under Windows for a very long time, which is obviously based on some very old version of GNU rcs which had been ported to DOS/Windows, but has been extended by the vendor with a graphical user interface and capabilities to manage projects, i.e. maintain project files which are simple text files containing a list of files/versions required to build a certain version of the project.

The vendor has also provided some Unix versions of this revision control system including GUI which can share the archive files with the Windows version. However, the Unix version is quite buggy, and isn't maintained anymore, so it is hard to work with it e.g. under Linux.

So we thought we'd try the current, original GNU rcs and found that it can mostly work properly with the archive files generated by the proprietary version, with one exception:

The propritary version adds an additional section to the archive files which contains cross references to projects which are using this file/archive, e.g.:

@project g:/mbglib/mbglib.pj;
project /repository/clkdrv/linux/soft/mbgclock/mbgclock.pj;
project g:/clkdrv/win_2k/soft/sys/mbgclock/mbgclock.pj;

This section is located before the "desc" section of an archive file.

The current version of GNU rcs is unable to access archive files which have such section since the section type is not supported, so Hannes Küttner, whom I've added in CC:, has made a patch which detects unknown sections when an archive file is read, and simply writes the unknown sections back when the archive file is rewritten.

Please find attached the patch (mbg_rcs_unexpected_keywords.patch) which applies properly to the rcs v5.8.1 tarball, and applies to the current git version with just a few offsets.

It would be great if this patch could be integrated in the official repo since it doesn't affect how rcs works with native archives, but anyway allows us to use natice GNU rcs with existing archives which have been created by the proprietary rcs version.

BTW, after the patch has been applied the t300 test specified in the Makefile fails. We are not sure which would be the proper way to fix this, so there is an additional patch (mbg_rcs_test_pass.patch) which implements a workaround which simply lets the t300 pass, so building a package doesn't fail. However, someone who is more familiar with the way the tests are supposed to work should have a look at this and modify the t300 test properly.

Hannes Küttner has also rewritten the complete graphical user interface in python3, so there's also a modern front end available for the current version of GNU rcs.

If someone is interested we can send them a copy of the python GUI.

Thanks and best regards,

Martin Burnicki

Meinberg Funkuhren
Bad Pyrmont

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