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From: Michael Sanders
Subject: v5.8...
Date: Sat, 12 Nov 2011 23:18:26 -0600

Hi folks.

System is: Slackware 12.2/libc 2.7/gcc4.2.4

After building 5.8: 'configure && make'

Decided next to run the test suite: 'make check >'

And then: 'grep -i fail'

Output was:

FAIL: t030
FAIL: t050
FAIL: t602

Also a nit... has anyone um, looked at the documentation?

Its rife with accented UTF-8 characters like '‘' that of course
don't play nice (depending on locale I'm guessing) with some
apps like 'less', 'vi', etc... The home page has'em as well:


Maybe I ought to stick with v5.7 for the time being?

Later on,

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