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Re: starting with a preset version number

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: starting with a preset version number
Date: Thu, 29 Apr 2010 10:02:32 -0600
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matias kaukonen wrote:
> Suppose I have a code file with version  Then, suppose
> I want to somehow make a second file (which has no rcs numbers)
> have the same version.  The second file is not yet part of rcs.
> Does someone have a method for this?

You really shouldn't be treating rcs version numbers as being
magically special in any way.  They are just numbers.  And to channel
a past US president, "There are a lot of numbers."  When people ask
how to force this to be a particular revision number it usually means
that they are tying some significance to the number.  Otherwise they
wouldn't be asking the question.

For example, a typical case would be someone who has a project
composed of multiple files.  They want to assign a project release
number of 1.42 to the entire project.  Fine.  Then they decide that
they want to force every file to be rcs version 1.42 too!  That is not
good.  Don't do it!  The project overall version number should not in
any way be related to individual file version numbers assigned by rcs.
Otherwise any change to any file would force you to change every file!

Therefore right at the beginning when I read your question I am
predisposed to try to convince you to take a different course of

For an individual file you can force a later version number by using
the -i[rev] or -f[rev] options.  This will initially check in a file
with the version 1.42.

  ci -i1.42 -m"Log message string." -t-"Description String" file1

That must be on the same branch.  You have which means
you have branch points before it.  You can't force a file to be on a
branch directly.  You would need to sneak up on it.  You would need to
check the file in on all of the preceding branches first.  Then once
you finally had it on the right branch then you could force the
version on that branch.

Again let me reinforce that no magic value should be placed on rcs
version numbers.  They are just unique identifiers.  Let rcs create
them.  Do not try to force them to be something that they are not.


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