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Re: a question of co.exe

From: Bob Proulx
Subject: Re: a question of co.exe
Date: Mon, 23 Jul 2007 02:21:50 -0600
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yangsaiqing wrote:
>     I want use the soft "cvs2svn" to translate cvs data into svn
> data ,which need use "co.exe",But when I run the command,it
> failed,as the accessories.  What can I do for this?
> help me:)

In the future please simply include the text of your problem and not a
jpeg screem capture.  The size of the screen capture is huge and not
as easy to work with as the text of the error.

>  original_size.ico,v:51 unknown character `_'

That indicates that the ,v file is corrupted.  On line 51 of that file
an '_' character is unexpected.  The file is now corrupted.

Because .ico files are binary files special care needs to taken when
committing changes and some file copy programs need to be told to copy
them in binary mode.

I don't know what to suggest at this time.  You may be able to
carefully edit the ,v file with an editor and to correct the problem.
But be sure to keep a backup in case the editing makes the problem


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