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Re: editing log message

From: Mike Maxwell
Subject: Re: editing log message
Date: Sat, 09 Jun 2007 10:09:50 -0400
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Bob Proulx wrote:
address@hidden wrote:
I've been using RCS for ages now, but I'm having trouble editing the log
message on one system.

That implies that it works differently on other systems?  I would
expect it to work the same on all systems.

That was caused by a bad 'stty' setting, as you guessed, since fixed.

If I log into this computer (a Linux system running RCS v5.7), and
check in a file, it of course gives me the usual '> ' prompt to type
in my log message.

Yes.  The read-one-line-at-a-time input method of rcs that we all know
and don't like very well today.

Bill Poser and I looked at the source code, and it appears it wouldn't be too hard to plug in a call to the readline library (libreadline) in a loop, so that the loop exits when the user types a line consisting of just a period.

I hate to suggest this on the help-rcs list but I think it is true so
I will say that most people today use a more modern version control
system than rcs.  Today I dare say that rcs exists to support the
legacy use of it but it is not recommended for new instances.  Today
you would be better off using Git or Subversion or one of the others.
It is because these new systems have come into being that rcs is
maintained only enough to keep it going but not to add new features to
it.  I think the last rcs change was in 1996.  I recommend that you
consider using a more modern system such as Git if you have the choice
to do so.

I have the choice, but my fingers know rcs :-). I use it both on Linux and Windows (the latter using the very nice CS-RCS front end). Also, some of these other systems apparently don't play well with Windows (the wikipedia article on 'git' lists that as a drawback).

If I did go with another version control system, I'm not sure which one it would be. I presume cvs is still a contender, and offers advantages over RCS when multiple users want to modify the same file (although I haven't wrapped my mind around how that works--most of my work up until this point has been single-user modifications, namely my own).

Another criterion I would have for a replacement version control system is that it treat XML well. I'm not sure what I mean by that, since XML files are in "just" plain text files; but diffing XML files with the traditional diff program often seems unenlightening. I believe there are XML diff programs that do a better job, although I suppose that's not a topic for this group.

You could create a script of the above to automate this.  This
following is an example that might give you some ideas.
I might try that. Alternatively, if Bill and I were able to modify rcs so it used the readline library, would it be of general enough interest to get into a new version of rcs?
        Mike Maxwell
        "Theorists...have merely to lock themselves in a room
        with a blackboard and coffee maker to conduct their business."
        --Bruce A. Schumm, Deep Down Things

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