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Can RCS be used to version control SQL DB & queries ?

From: Dilip Sundaramurthy
Subject: Can RCS be used to version control SQL DB & queries ?
Date: Fri, 9 Feb 2007 13:31:17 +0530

Dear techies,

I would be greatly thankful, if somebody could suggest me whether RCS would serve my below purpose ?

We have a Project group which stores image data types in a SQL database. These individual images are parts of a complete image.
A query is run on the SQL database to generate a complete image.
The individual images in the SQL database, are updated every week.
So, the query also changes accordingly.
The SQL queries should be saved & the corresponding retrieved data also should be versioned.
So that, if I want to get the same data at a later point of time, I should be able to query it from the saved query.

Now, the question is... Is there a way to version control SQL queries, in RCS ?

And, is there a way to track the changes done to the SQL database, in RCS(or any other tool) ?

Also, I need some good backup tool for SQL DB. It should only backup the delta(change) w.r.t its previous backup, instead of a complete DB backup.

Thanks, in advance.

Best Regards,

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