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How to add own Tag using module method

From: Praveen
Subject: How to add own Tag using module method
Date: Fri, 25 Aug 2006 06:52:11 -0000

Hi , 

I am using "use " for version control system of files to check-in and checkout the files from CVS.

Now i want add tags to the   file and need to retrive the tag and revision information for the file by using Rcs.

By default it add ,v tag to my file.But i need to add my own tag name by file.I was searching for an methos to do this using i dont find any method.

I may    delete some tags after some time as my requirment  demands. 

Could some one  help me how to add&retrive & delete tag[s] to my files using Rcs methods.

Thanks In Advance . 

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