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RE: Lock versus Lease files in TWiki

From: Ben
Subject: RE: Lock versus Lease files in TWiki
Date: Thu, 11 May 2006 11:51:40 -0500

Thank you for your reply, We got it figured out, you are correct about the
.lock & .lease files.  The problem was with the RCS locking and unlocking.
The Twiki interface wasn't able to see that the files were no longer locked,
or didn't need to be locked (difference in the Twiki Cairo 3.x version and
the Twiki Dakar 4.0 version maybe) to fix the problem we had to break the

rcs -u *.txt  

we ran this as root, which changes the ownership of the files, so you have
to make sure the ownership of the files are set back to the right user (in
this case www-data)

Thanks for the help.
--Ben Burnett

Ben Burnett              
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Subject: Re: Lock versus Lease files in TWiki

RCS uses neither .lock nor .lease files.  It sounds like you're trying to
debug a Twiki feature, not an RCS feature?  RCS uses ,v files for its locks.

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