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Re: Removing RCS File

From: Colin Brough
Subject: Re: Removing RCS File
Date: Tue, 18 Oct 2005 22:00:40 +0100
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> Hi Colin
> I am working with files in RCS. 
> I want to move a xx.ppc file to xx.c in RCS. Can I use the following command?
> mv applib/RCS/xx.ppc,v applib/RCS/xx.c.v 
> Is it ok to move files to different extensions?
> Your feedback is much appreciated.
> Thanks
> Lakshmi


(First of all, please don't send messages as HTML mail - it makes them
much harder to read.)

Yes, the command you mentioned will be fine. Remember that if you do
that you need also to rename or remove the corresponding working file:

        > ls -R
        RCS/  xx.ppc
        > mv RCS/xx.ppc,v RCS/xx.c,v
        > ls -R
        RCS/  xx.ppc

Note how the working file 'xx.ppc' is still present. You need either
to rename it (mv xx.ppc xx.c) or delete it and regenerate it:

        rm -f xx.ppc; co xx.c

To save me remembering, I have a script (I call it rcsmv) that does
all this for me - see attachment.

This also checks whether the target for the move is a directory, in
which case the file isn't renamed, but moves the file into that
directory, making sure to put the RCS file in the right place.



Colin Brough                             address@hidden

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