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Problems with RCS 5.7 on Windows XP (within emacs)

From: Gabriel R. Toro
Subject: Problems with RCS 5.7 on Windows XP (within emacs)
Date: Sat, 15 Oct 2005 21:51:12 -0400


I use rcs 5.7 in windows (from within emacs 20.7.1), and I have two problems. The first may be more emacs than rcs related. My apologies if this is the case.

The first one is that if I exit emacs before checking in the file I am editing, then the next time I try to edit the file, emacs tells me that another user (which happens to be myself) has the file locked for editing. I have to go through the routine of notifying myself that I stole the lock. Is there a way to avoid this nonsense?

The second question relates to the RCS_LF_ONLY environment setting. About half of my editing of source files in Windows is with files that were originally created in Unix machines and still have only LF at the end of the line. The other half are files created in Windows (with CR-LF). I am currently using RCS_LF_ONLY=something and it appears that the *,v files for Windows source files contain copies of every version of the entire file, instead of just differences. Is there a way to get rcs to handle both file types efficiently? Also, I cannot seem to find the place where this option is documented.



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