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Re: Removing RCS File

From: Colin Brough
Subject: Re: Removing RCS File
Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2005 21:11:29 +0100
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>    Hello
>    I have the following files in RCS directories.
>    I need to remove a file applib/xx.c.
>    Then, I need to move a file from prolib/yy.c to applib/xx.c
>    What  is  the command to use to remove the first file and then to move
>    the yy.c file to applib??
>    Any help is appreciated.
>    Thanks
>    Lakshmi

Probably the following sequence of commands:

        rm applib/xx.c applib/RCS/xx.c,v
        mv prolib/yy.c applib/xx.c
        mv prolib/RCS/yy.c,v applib/RCS/xx.c,v

This assumes:

 - you store the RCS history files in an RCS subdirectory, and

 - you want to preserve the version history information currently
   associated with prolib/yy.c, but throw away the version history
   information associated with applib/xx.c

If you want to merge the version history information, or if you want
to make the replacement an entry in the existing version history
information for applib/xx.c, then things get more subtle. You need to
tell us a bit more of what you want to do.

Oh, and if you could post to the list in plain text rather than HTML
then that would be a help.



Colin Brough                             address@hidden

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