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[Bug target/14047] [3.4/3.5 Regression] __progmem__ attribute doesn't wo

From: mark at codesourcery dot com
Subject: [Bug target/14047] [3.4/3.5 Regression] __progmem__ attribute doesn't work
Date: 11 Mar 2004 04:53:47 -0000

------- Additional Comments From mark at codesourcery dot com  2004-03-11 04:53 
Subject: Re:  [3.4/3.5 Regression] __progmem__ attribute
 doesn't work

kazu at cs dot umass dot edu wrote:

> ------- Additional Comments From kazu at cs dot umass dot edu  2004-03-11 
> 04:52 -------
> Being so tiny a microcontroller, I don't think "make bootstrap" is possible.
> I've heard that some AVR simulator is available, but I don't know if
> it's known to work with dejagnu to run gcc testsuite.
> (Well, I guess one could at least test gcc.c-torture/compile and such.)

If people using this tareget don't normally run DejaGNU, then the patch 
can be checked in with whatever testing would normally be done.  If no 
testing is normally done, then just go ahead and commit the patch. :-)


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