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feature addition

From: Jeff Dooley
Subject: feature addition
Date: Wed, 3 Mar 2004 10:04:02 -0800

Hi! I'm a new RCS user.

RCS is very helpful to me as my purpose is to manage my CAD 3D models as they 
change over time. Currently, I'm running RCS version 5.7 on cygwin (win2k).

I'll restrict this request to something fairly simple (I hope):

I use rlog quite a bit, but I find the output to be rather cumbersome.  Since 
I'm the only person using rcs on my own computer, I always use rcs -U on all my 
files. I'm only trying to track my own changes.  What I often would like to do 
is just print the filename (either working or RCS but not both), the latest 
version, and optionally the version description.  I never look at the locks, 
access list, keywords (because my files are binaries), symbolic names, or total 
revisions. That additional data takes up a lot of screen space I don't use... 
especially because I usually like to print the information for the whole 
directory (i.e., rlog *).

I would like to respond to any questions you may have, but I believe this 
request is a sensible feature (command-line option) for rlog. Thanks,

-jeff dooley

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