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From: contact34
Subject: Proposition
Date: Tue, 27 Jan 2004 03:31:39 -0600 (CST)
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Respond to: address@hidden
I have a problem that I need you to help me solve. My Husband  is under
investigation by the secret service of the Goverment of North Korea for
speaking out against the Government. I am under house arrest in Honk Kong.
I thought Hong Kong will be a safe haven for me. But I now know my
judgement was in error for Hong Kong is under China which has a very close
affliation with North korea. I need to relocate to Europe or America . If
you help me I will be able to pay you very much that may change your life.
I need a front to help me move my husband's money from the Agricultural
Business to the USA or Europe. I know so many problems and distrust are on
the internet and I see so many false stories and Fraud of investment too.
But this is my only link to the outside world as I use my small notebook
computer and a line that is hidden. I cannot risk calling friends in North
korea and do not know anybody here. I have the ability to move the money
out with my carefully thought plan only with a someone that is really
willing to help.  Now in Hong kong the total Money in this account is 15
million Dollars. I want to move out everything and damage all the Account
papers so they will not know the Account exists and links to me. I shall
offer you good percentage of this if you can help. I will really
appreciate. Let me know if you can help. Do quote the words "Contact
Person" in your response. This is very important.
Endeavour to respond to the email address: address@hidden

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