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RE: Executables in RCS

From: Daniel McAferty
Subject: RE: Executables in RCS
Date: Mon, 1 Dec 2003 07:27:04 -0700

From what I have seen, you have to initize the file first before the file is first placed into RCS
To initilize:
rcs -i -kb <filename>
ci <filename>
From then on you should be able to "co" and "ci" normally and the file will stay in binary format.
Although merge is not available with binary files.
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Subject: Executables in RCS


Is there a danger to keep binary/executable  files in RCS? Can they be damaged? If so , is there a way to prevent the damage? Thanks.

And… how does the RCS "know" it's a binary file?

Inna Gauskin
XtraC team
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