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Revision incrementing

From: Boyd, Steve (GEAE)
Subject: Revision incrementing
Date: Thu, 6 Nov 2003 16:34:53 -0500

Is it possible to make an RCS archive file increment it's version by whole
numbers?  And to make this the default behavior for the archive file?

Stephen Boyd
Work Email:     address@hidden
GE Aircraft Engines
Cincinnati, OH

   "Frazer, think about the cost." Morris looked grim. He wanted the laser.
He didn't think he could get it. "Think about politicians thinking about the
cost," he said. "Think about politicians thinking about explaining the cost
to the taxpayers."
   "Stupid," I repeated, "and inhospitable. Hospitality counts high with the
Monks. You see, we're cooked either way. Either we're dumb animals, or we're
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- From the "Fourth Profession", by Larry Niven

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