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locks obeyed for same user on check out...

From: James Olin Oden
Subject: locks obeyed for same user on check out...
Date: Fri, 24 Oct 2003 12:07:48 -0400 (EDT)

Hi All,

I have created a wrapper for rcs at my work that we use to manage updates
to config files.  Its been working quite nice, except for one particular 
problem.  We use rcs in many automated scripts and also from scriptlets
in rpms, and if any of these tools are running simultaneously and would
like to check out the same file, since (especially with rpm) they are 
running as root (i.e. the same user), rcs allows them re-aquire the lock
on the file.  While I can see this as desirable in some settings, in ours
where many processes could be using rcs, and they are often running
as the same user, it can be quite problematic.  When the processes are
not shell scripts we can of course do our own locking, but when they
are not all bets are off.  Also, I would rather not make my tool (called
rcstool) manage locks in addition to what rcs is doing.

Anyway would a patch providing an option to cause locks to be obeyed
even for the user owning the lock (only on co) be acceptable?  I have
found where I would have to change rcs's behaviour but before I patch
it I wanted to know if this would be accepted upstream (or if I am making 
things too hard and there is an easier path [someone please tell me there
is (-;]).


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