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Re: [Fwd: Bug#212038: rcs: ci: should be able to edit the log message]

From: Jeff Sheinberg
Subject: Re: [Fwd: Bug#212038: rcs: ci: should be able to edit the log message]
Date: Tue, 7 Oct 2003 09:16:09 -0400

Aaron S. Hawley writes:
 > On Mon, 22 Sep 2003, Mark Baker wrote:
 > > (I think using ~e or any other such escape could potentially cause
 > > compatibility problems, as rcs is often called from other programs or
 > > scripts. A command line option might be better).

Mark: I agree that a command line option which allows the user to
specify the escape string is the way to go.

 > I believe you've stumbled onto the answer, the best solution is not to
 > mess with RCS but actually write yet another program that wraps the
 > standard RCS command giving the behavior you want.
 > hint:
 > #!/bin/sh
 > TMPDIR=/tmp
 > TMPFILE=$TMPDIR/rcs.ciedit.$$
 > /usr/bin/ci $* < $TMPFILE
 > rm -f $TMPFILE
 > good luck,
 > /a

Aaron: Unfortunately, the above proposal does not meet my needs.

    o I already have stdin re-directed (</dev/tty) in order to
    reply to ci's questions (eg, "delete writeable file?", etc).

    o I want to invoke the editor only when I feel the need to do
    so, not for every checkin.  Note that it can be expensive to
    invoke some editors, eg, emacs.

    o When multiple files are checked in using a single command
    line invocation of ci, I need to be able to enter possibly
    different log messages for each file being checked in, again,
    interactively, in response to ci's questions.  This situation
    is actually a recursive invocation of the above two reasons.

Jeff Sheinberg

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